a dream of soft focus sunsets

a cracked smile and a silent shout

dress me up, make it tight, I'm your dolly

So, I made this paper doll for a friend's birthday, and after much convincing posted it to PFWW. And after far less convincing, posted it here. :3 Yes, it's weird, and no, I can't draw hands and feet, but oh well.

(Ignore the message, haha!)

And if anyone wants to make one...

And here are some wallpapers, all 1280 x 800 but I can make other sizes if anyone wants. :D



And these two are just made from my photos from Soundwave. I couldn't decide which pics looked best so I just made two versions. :/ Not real slash, made from four different photos.



*apologies in advance for any mistakes I've made* lj is mighty confusing.  

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Lol! OMH, I must've missed that there!

That's just perfect:D And - he even has his own MAC purse-thingie!XD

Btw stealing that old school 'cebo wally;)

So. Congratuwelldone, your first lj post could not have been better:))

Thank you Zee! <3 Haha, yeah, that was meant to be his make-up bag. :3 And please, steal away!

oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!!
this is sooooooo cute!!!! that brightened my day! love you, you so brilliant Britt!

doesnt know you have an LJ account. *friends you*

:D Thanks Agina! Compared to your gorgeous chibis it's not much.

Ah, I just made it a few weeks ago, and only posted last night.

nay, dont be so modest! lol

*steals wallpapers*

So much win!
I totally have magnetic printing paper. If I lived alone/ had my own fridge, it would totally have a Nancy Bri dress up doll on it... One day.

And yay for lj account! :)

Woah, where did you get it? I'd love to make my own magnets! :D

Hehe, at least I wont spam the Aussie thread with so much whingeing now. :P

Aldi *cool face* It was a few months ago, though.

Nothing wrong with whinging in the Aussie thread. I'm like, every second post since I joined *facepalm*

*eventually tears eyes away from your avatar*

Oh damn, I'll have to keep an eye out for it though, my fridge needs pimping.

Haha, it must be an Aussie thing. :3 Or else we're all just so lovely we can all confide in one and other. *nods*

so cute i'm definitely going to print out your paper doll :D

Fab-u-lous!! i loove the black tighty-whities he's wearing !!!and all the old outfits are recognizable!! ha ha - and the champs bottle! lately he's morphing back into that Nancy Bri look! well done and thx for sharing!!!

Thank you! Hehe, I guess the Meds clip might have influenced me there. XD Yeah, anyyy day now he'll be back on stage in a little black number. :D

i've wanted that 'stunt girl' tshirt since the first time i saw it. :D

Same! There was one on ebay a month ago, it went for £1.20. D: *kicks self*

i officially just lost my shit.
that's *incredible*.

I've already commented on PFWW but how cute is that! ^-^
I love your Brian paper doll! <3

Thank you again Eunice! <3

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nancy Bri paper doll and the wallpapers! This just made my day!!! So many nice details!! There's even the bitch sticker on the guitar! :-)
* just stole the paper doll and the old school wallpaper :-) Hope that's OK! If not, let me know!

Thanks dreamonkid for giving me the idea to put the Nancy Bri on my fridge - it can join the closeup of Brian's mouth/ teeth from the Bitter End video... :-)

Of course that's ok! :D Thanks so much!

Now how fucking cute is that Nancy Bri digital wardrobe thingy?!! The pink nips and the cigs! *in love*

Plus the Molsdal artwork is so fine as well!

Thank you so much! Share more PLEASE!

Greetings xx

Thank you! :D Ah, I wont hesitate to post again after everyone's kind words.

(Deleted comment)
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